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Coming Soon: Get tips, demonstrations and general tech how-to on the GadgetFAQs Video Webcast. Get help with many tech related issues on each and every episode.

We hope to launch the show soon. The set has been completed and our production elements are being created right now.

Once the show is up and running, you'll find complete show notes, links to any web sites mentioned and other information covered in each individual episode.

Keep an eye on this site for information about when the show will premiere and where you'll be able to download it. We're getting things finished as quickly as we can. If you've been waiting, thank you for your patience. You won't be disappointed.

The Latest News
8/28/07 - The show open and most of the show graphics are nearly complete. Progress is going slower than we'd like mostly because we have day jobs on top of doing this in our spare time. In addition, we're tweaking the set a bit more. We're also replacing a couple of CRT monitors that will be used for demonstrations with LCD panels since one of the cameras is having trouble syncing up with the scan rate. Our tests with LCDs have eliminated this issue.

1/11/07 - We're still taping elements and creating graphic elements for the show. The music seems to be well in order, though. We're getting closer to being able to launch. Our goal is by the end of the year, though we may go live earlier if we get things finished sooner. We'll be doing some video tests in the next few weeks to check lighting, compression and bandwidth usage.

1/9/07 - The site forum is now officially online and waiting for visitors. You can access it at If you have a question that is not answered on the site or (eventually) the show, you can post it on the forum. You'll need to complete a simple registration process before you can post, but it's quick, easy and much less painful than dental work.

1/5/07 - We regret we had to take down the webcam. It was crashing our server for some reason and it was easier to eliminate it rather than find the issue. The fact is, the camera was rather boring, anyway. Even if the show were already in production, it will only tape once a week. Most of the other time, there will be nothing happening in the studio. As a result, we decided it wasn't worth the trouble or the bandwidth.

Episodes and Descriptions

Once the show starts production, you'll find a listing of episodes and links to show notes in this section. In addition to a rundown of what happened in each show, you'll find links to any products or web sites mentioned.

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